Communication, without labels.

At Verity, we believe that companies, just like people, have several levels and many dimensions. These we respect, we support and highlight.

Our goal is to help our customers:
  • Retain consistency to their market
  • Develop and maintain continuous communication streams with their target audiences
  • Engage and be engaged in interactions.
We use technology to make your communication more direct, more effective and more efficient.

We don’t believe in noise. Those that yell louder, are not always heard; and almost never do they make any difference.

Markets tend to respond to relevancy.
That is why we create communication programs that are relevant to the customers’ market, not the customers themselves. Our programs make an impact to markets “bombarded” with messages.


We believe in direct communication. We look forward to meeting you in person and discussing about your particular needs.

Lagoumitzi 24, Kallithea
GR-17671 Athens, Greece


"Nothing is more important than having a partner who can understand the nature of your business.
Verity team has a clear understanding of the IT market and our needs.
Within our two years of collaboration, we have been able to reposition our products in the market creating positive, long-lasting impact."

Paris Papanastasiou
Sales Manager
IQ Solutions 
"Pharma and Clinical Research communication is dominated by regulations and complexity. The greatest challenge is to translate medical terms into effective messaging. At Verity, we found deep understanding of the market, professionalism, commitment and, most importantly, peace of mind."

Annie Theodoropoulou
Clinical Contractor
"Working with Verity has been a pleasure.
Not only did they approach all marketing issues with prospective, but they developed a communications' strategy tailored to our needs and expectations.
Verity took our website and social media presence to the next level and became an imperative partner on all levels of brand identity. As a result, all marketing goals were achieved."

Elias Parlavantzas
Managing Partner
CCS Digital Education 
“Insanity is to expect different results doing the same things, had said Albert Einstein. We trusted Verity Communications to inspire us with new, fresh ideas; and were proven right.
Our social media look simplified when handled by Verity team. They managed to listen directly to our corporate culture and lead our relationship with our customers to a new level, building new ties.”

Antonis Tsesmelis
Sales & Commercial Director
Orbit Couriers - Licensee of Federal Express Corp.

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